Tubertini Atlantis Pro


Des Westmore tests Tubertini’s 2.7m boat rod – ideal for using in boats under 3m

While compiling the material for my competition fishing series of features, and meeting so many anglers using long, multi-tip rods, I too have converted to using that type of rod for much of my fishing. While many match anglers favour rods in the 4-5m range, mine aren’t that long and are around 3.5-3.8m which I find ideal for charter boat fishing, especially for bream fishing in the spring and summer.

However, during a recent trip fishing for gilthead bream in a Warrior 165, I found my rods a bit too long and unwieldy in the confines of a dinghy. I wanted something with the sensitivity and flexibility of the longer rods, but more like the length of an up-tider. Looking around at what was on offer, the Tubertini Gorilla Atlantis Pro seemed a good solution.

Excellent bream rod
This rod comes with two plug-in tips of differing lengths and stiffness, and has a maximum drifting weight of 300g, which previous experience of Tubertini’s ratings tells me it will make an excellent bream rod. The Atlantis Pro has a length of 2.7m which was already perfect but comes with an added bonus: The rod has a telescopic section above the foregrip meaning it can be extended to 3.2m if required. If you are looking for something a bit longer, another version, which is also rated at 300g, has a length of 3.0m extending to 3.5m. I wasn’t and so obtained the 2.7m version.

Start at the tip
As with all the Tubertini rods I have used, this one is finished to a high standard. I would normally start my description at the butt but this time, I will start at the tip and save the more unique features for later. Two tips are provided, one at 600mm and one at 670mm, with the longer one being slightly more sensitive. Both are high-viz with green and orange paint between the top three rings along with whipping to match. All rings are lined single-leg Fujis, with five plus a tip ring fitted to each tip and, apart from the high-viz section, all whippings are black as is the finish on the tip.

Section joints
The tips plug directly into the mid-section of the rod. This section is matt and unground and again lined, single-leg fujis are fitted with black whippings, with one rind fitted in the conventional way, adjacent to the joint. The lower joint of the mid-section uses the Tubertini NICI (New and Innovative Connection Insert) spigot system. While the spigot looks pretty standard, the blank is cut at an angle which serves both to aid alignment and also disguise the joint.

Handle and reel seat
The lower, or handle, section of the rod are what makes the Atlantis Pro a bit different. This section is finished in Gloss black with subtle decals. Two lined three-leg Fuji rings are fitted, again with black whippings and the handle section is grippy shrink tube with a whip-on ALPS “zipper-style” reel seat. The handle, which terminates with a generously rounded butt cap, is very retro, much like a 1980s bare-bones Cod Pole beachcaster and while I would generally prefer a “proper” reel seat, my Tubertini Genetic has a similar handle and I have grown to like that.
Moving back up the handle, some 100mm in front of the reel seat is another joint, this time for the Tubertini Telescopic Handle (TTH). Simply pulling the blank above this joint (there is no need to twist), extends the rod by 500mm. It’s a clever system with the taper of the blank providing the locking when extended, and another section, with an opposing taper, locking the blank when closed. The rod can either be used at either length if that is your preference or can be used at its long length for casting away from the boat and its shortened length for fishing. As with any telescopic system on a rod, you will need to be careful with grit and contamination, but the fact that so many match anglers are now switching to fully telescopic rod, signals this should not be a deal-breaking concern to a would-be owner of the Atlantis Pro.

This is an excellent rod with Tubertini’s usual build quality and will suit both anglers looking for a multi-tip to use in more confined situations or want to try their hand with a longer rod for the first time. I am not sure of the RRP for the rod but typically it retails at around £155 for the 2.7m version and £165 for the longer one. For more information take a look at