Tackle Talk – August 2019

Spiderwire Smooth 8

A tight-woven, 8 carrier braided line, made in the USA.  Stealth smooth has a tight weave with a micro coating for smooth, quiet casting, improved strength and shock resistance and less tangles. This is a very popular braid, and is excellent for casting. It knots well and will take all manner of battering from wind and waves.

Moss Green or Yellow

8 Carrier, Tight weave

Smooth and quiet casting

Micro coating

Colours Available : Moss Green or Yellow

Length : 300yd Spool

£29.99 for a 300m spool

We’re offering this braid as a free gift when you subscribe to the magazine please turn to page 33 for details.

Tronixpro Lead Bag

There is now an alternative to letting your weights roll around the bottom of either your tackle box or some other pressed into service container. The Tronixpro Lead Bag is a purpose designed solution for storing leads.  It features a hard, moulded plastic base and a rigid lid that is secured shut with a plastic two-way zip that extends around three sides.  Both lid and base are covered with tough 600D material and the lid also features a double-stitched handle.  Measuring 30 x 12 x 7 cm, the Lead Bag is deep enough to store big boat leads or, if up-tiding is your game, is tough enough to store wired sinkers.  Anglers who like cannon ball leads will find it also provides a great way of storing these leads in an ordered manner without them rolling all over the place. The Lead Bag’s construction also make it ideal as a strong general storage container, and if more than one is used, could effectively form part of an integrated solution to keeping your tackle box organised.

RRP is £9.99 and more information can be found at www.tronixfishing.com/product/tronixpro-lead-bag/

HTO Nebula FC Fluorocarbon

Though aimed squarely at the lure angler, many of the properties of HTO Nebula FC Fluorocarbon make it suitable for a wide range of rig and trace making applications.  Like all fluorocarbon lines, it is nearly invisible underwater which make it particularly suitable for very clear conditions and you are using it for lure work, then the fact that sinks up to three times quicker than mono may also be an advantage.  What will be of more general interest is the fact that Nebula FC has far more tightly compacted molecules than mono which make it much harder wearing.  This is ideal from a point of view of resisting wear from the seabed, but it also means that a lighter hook-length can possibly be used.  The fact that Nebula FC is fully waterproof and therefore retains its full strength in also helps in terms of reducing required line strength.

RRP is from £7.99 for 50m of 6lb to £19.99 for a 50m spool of 30lb and more information can be found at www.tronixfishing.com/product/hto-nebula-fc-fluorocarbon/

Sea Tech 285g Float

TheSeaTech Pro Fatboy floats are extremely buoyant and visible, making them the ideal choice for distance fishing, rough seas or fast tides. Used in both bass, shark and other big fish species they are super tough and buoyant EVA foam construction with Internal plastic guide tubes. They have brass end caps top and bottom float wearing on ball weight

The samples we were sent have top quality paintwork and having tried them they are almost unmarkable and unbreakable!

£3.99 each from Kiddy Wholesale


SeaTech Super Holographic Octopus 12cm

The classic “muppet” addition to pirks and lures. These aon the large side and would be ideal for cod, pollack and bass on wrecks. They come in four colours: blue & white, green/red dot, lumi, red and black and have five in each pack.

From £2.99 per pack




Pelagic Sunshield UV Protection Headwear

When fishing outdoors we are always susceptible to the harmful effects of the sun’s radiations, even on overcast days. There are a whole range of buff and head wear available and the Pelagic Sunshield UV fishing headwear is a new product – it was specifically developed to be lightweight and breathable, while providing an extra layer of protection from the sun’s harmful and damaging ultra violet rays (UPF 30+). The perfect protective headwear. Wear it to protect your face, head, neck, and ears from direct exposure to the sun. Featuring PELAGIC’s most-popular and iconic prints.


£19.99 from RokMax.com