Sidewinders – one the most reliable lures.

Tim Macpherson explains why they're one of his go to lures.

Sidewinders are one of our favourite and most reliable lures. I can't think of any situation where they don't work. Trolling on reefs, bouncing off wrecks, slow retrieve for bass, cod and pollack,. I've had everything on them even wrasse, mackerel, and a surprise John Dory a few years ago in a Cornish estuary. Until recently my two favourites were the 4" white pearl headed and skerries eels.

Now they have developed a new version, the Candy King. We went a had a try out with these new lures on a couple of regular wreck and reef marks and the, predictably proved deadly.


The new Sidewinder CANDY KING eels are irresistible to all predatory fish but especially summer bass. A limited edition version of the bestselling Sidewinders, the Candy Kings, are the benchmark for top catching lures in 2020!

We’ve used them already and they’re proving deadly: for pollack and bass. Available as series or Sandeel.

(They’re available from all the usual stockists at around £8.50 per packet and also available here on our website.)

Other favourites

There are of course a host of other eels available. The skerries eel, which I've used regularly for bass fishing around some the reefs I visit and, as mentioned the pearl headed whites. The beauty of them is they are tough and extremely durable and can take multiple hits from fish without being too degraded, unlike some cheaper imitations that you can find. On recent pollack fishing trip I used just one blog head eel for most of there day and landed some pretty decent fish up to 11lbs. Similarly the Skerries have proved deadly for bass, particularly when trolling around reefs. I also used them as a casting lure in some circumstances when fishing shallow(ish) water.

Sidewinders are available from all the usual stockists at around £8.50 per packet and some varieties are also available here

Also available are: Weedless Sandeels and Shads, Rattllebacks, Holographic Shads, the Cod Squad Rhubarb and Custards, Black Tide Sandeels, Sprats...he list is endless and for more go to