In the July issue

The July issue includes a report on our participation in the Navionics clean sweep of the Barracuda Tour Challenge and the Big Fish Final from Poole plus much more… plus all the usual features, six pages of Your Catches and the launch of our new Big Fish Competition sponsored by Penn

Your catches- A bumper issue with 6 pages of fish pictures and details of the launch of the new competition sponsored by Penn

World Champions: The Barracuda World Tour Finals: Kyle Waterhouse recounts the week Navionics did a clean sweep of the French Bass Championship with the help of two of the Saltwater team

Charter Boat reports  The latest from charter boats around the coast

Swanage Junior Angling Taster Day: A recent event held by the Swanage Angling Association attracted youngsters from all over Dorset

Channel Smoothounds: John Sherlock goes on the hunt for smoothounds in the Bristol Channel

Whippy Afloat – The Snowbee sponsored Big Fish Final: Jim Whippy reports on the final of our Big Fish competition held in Poole

Really Wrecked on Spurs: Ben Eveling, and his mates from the Sussex-based Really Wrecked Sea Angling Club, goes out hunting blonde rays and spurs from Weymouth on Lyle Stantiford’s boat Supanova  

Specimen Hunting Des Westmore picks up some more tips on hunting those elusive specimen fish

Four ports on the Mull We highlight the four ports serving the beautiful Mull of Galloway ahead of the two competitions being held there this month.

Swanage Kayak Classic: Liam Faisey reports on how he won this annual kayaking classic.

The Quest for the Big Four: Shark expert Andrew Griffiths has been after all flour sharks for years and  here he tells us how he completed the “Shark Slam”

Sharking – Best Practice Evolution: John McMaster responds to some calls for sharking to be banned by explaining the lengths anglers go to protect the fish they target.

JEWELS IN THE BLUE WATER CROWN Part 1: Florida’s Boca Grande Pass the Florida Keys, wartime wrecks off Miami Beach, the sea mounts of the Cayman Islands, Bahamas Bimini the Mexican Caribbean and closer to home the Strait of Gibraltar.  Mike Millman has visited and fished all of these, some several times and now in a two-part feature recalls adventures with the exotic species they offer.

Boat Review: Latrex 335: Simon Everett takes a trip out to review this popular dory-style boat 62 Dinghy Diary

Dinghy Diary: Jeff Smith goes on a Baltic Adventure

Anchoring a wreck: Alan Deeming gives dinghy owners a lesson in how to position your boat correctly

The Millionaire Story: Des Westmore tracks the evolution of this popular and enduring Daiwa reel

Tackle Talk shorts

Charter Boats – Scotland, Wales and Ireland We’ve had so many reports that we’ve included two more pages of reports

Charter Boat Directory

Competitions Diary