Win a share of £1,750 worth of tackle

Saltwater Boat Angling has launched a brand-new reader competition, a UK wide species hunt  based on seven chosen species. Catch the biggest in each category and you could be in for a tackle prize.

The Rules

The winners will be the anglers who catch the biggest fish of one of seven chosen species. Each overall winner gets a share of £1750 worth of tackle.
The competition runs until November 30th.
IMPORTANT: Make sure you register, download the Score Fishing app and complete the in app Sign Up at least 24hrs before you go fishing (you only need to do this once).
Your fish will automatically upload on to our database and will be added to our leader-board and posted on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.
All entries will be uploaded on to our website and will be visible to everyone.
100% transparency and instant updates.
Each month the biggest fish in each category will be announced and prizes won.

Entry is £4.99. If you do not have the Score Fishing app we will supply you with a FREE download code, courtesy of Score Fishing*

How do I enter?

  1. Register/Enter on our website
  2. Receive the FREE download code from Score Fishing*
  3. Download the Score Fishing app from the app store or website
  4. Once you are added to the competition (done with 24 hours) Download the Species Hunt competition in the app so you can add fish
  5. Go Fishing anywhere around the UK between the dates specified 
  6. Catch a big Fish
  7. Measure the fish using standard tape or measuring board
  8. Record the fish in the Score Fishing app. Enter the fish species and the take a photo of the fish next the the measuring board.
  9. Everytime you go fishing, refresh the competition app. Thats it

The target species:

Bass                 qualifying length 51cms (over 3lb)
Black Bream   qualifying length  40cms (over 2lb) 
Cod                  qualifying length 66cms (over 6lb 2oz)
Plaice               qualifying length 40cms (over 1lb 8oz)
Pollack             qualifying length 66cms (over 6lb 2oz)
Turbot              qualifying length 50cms (over 5lb 8oz)
Undulate Ray  qualifying length 60cms (across the wings)

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Here’s how to use the Score Fishing app to record your specimen