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1 May issue Front Page for web


  • Exmouth: Matt Roberts gets into some serious Western Aussi action with GT, permit and trevally
  • Costa rica Part II: Sam catches some of the rockstars of the sea
  • Blue Carmague Tuna: Simon everett discovers a little known gem
  • Palm Harbour: The offer of a spot of fishing for speckled trout, with a chance of redfish, lures Jim Whippy to the pretty venue of Palm Harbour, north of Clearwater, Florida.
  • Match Tactics: Des Westmore taljks bait presentation.
  • Looking for hogs: Jim whippy gos on a party boat in Florida
  • Plymouth Breakwater: Mike Millman explores this famous location
  • Stornaway SAC: John Steele on this famous old club

Charter Boats

  • Skippers Diary: Hamish Currie runs "Predator out of Red Bay
  • Steve Porter: More tips about fishing on the drift
  • Brighton Pollack Competition Tim Macphersoncompetes in the the 2017 Brighton Pollack Competition
  • A taste of things to come:  David Turner winders if we see more sharks and bluefin tuna this summer


  • On the pull: There's mopre to trolling than dragging a lure says Simon Everett
  • Panama part 2: More kayak fun in central America
  • Fish Fixation: Irene looks to broaden her horizons

Practical Boating

  • Orkney 452
  • The Ideal Day - new series on owning your own boat

Tackle Talk

  • Rod repairs: Guide spacing and visual aspects of whippings
  • Delandre Fire Eel A new soft lure from Sharnbrook tackle.
  • Reel washers
  • Snowbee hat clips
  • Florida Fast Knot 
  • UK saltwater Fishes an anglers field guide from Dr Phil Williams

To buy an issue click here or call 01424 892287 Only £3.40 plus postage and packing